QR Codes For Kids

In some classrooms today, QR codes are being integrated in daily lessons! Does that sound crazy? I think not. Seeing as how technology is always advancing and QR codes seem to be growing…why not teach kids about QR codes in class? In fact…I think that it should be part of the curriculum. Kids these days learn how to use the internet, computers, and even smart phones at such a young age. Kids are surrounded by growing technology and are quick to pick things up!

Integrating QR codes not only introduces kids to QR codes but makes it fun for the students….not like students don’t like to learn anyways, but it makes it more interactive. ;-)

In an article that I read, which I will post the full article under my “Links” section on this page, an elementary school actually bought 80 IPad Touches, which was funded by their technology grant. The elementary school wanted to integrate QR codes and thought it would be a great way to engage their students. A teacher brought it up in a faculty meeting and the other teachers loved it! Who wouldn’t? It truly is a great new tool for students. A lot of teachers believe it’s a great tool too because students can just scan a QR code and it’ll direct the student to a specific website.

Are QR codes in the classroom really a good idea? Many people may think it’s not such a great idea to have QR codes in the classrooms because it may be a distraction. But honestly, teachers that use QR codes in class, use them for educational websites. It makes it easier for the “younger” students to access a website without typing in the whole URL.

I really LOVE what one teacher says at the end of the article too…” “It is a neat way to get them learning when they think they are doing something really cool”…which is COMPLETELY true.


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