Coca-Cola’s QR Program In The US

Who loves soda? Actually, I should say…Who doesn’t love soda?! I’m a huge soda drinker…always have been. ESPECIALLY, with a nice juicy burger. I’d have to say that’s the best time to have a soda. Or a how about some vanilla vodka with diet coke. Mhmm…yummy in my tummy! I’m so craving one right now…

Ahhh, sorry, getting side tracked again. I swear sometimes I have ADD…ugh it’s sad. Seems like I can’t anything done…especially this website. I keep going off on my weird tangents and what not…I should probably get that checked out…haha.

OKAY…anyways…back to Coca-Cola. So Coca-Cola is now getting on the QR code bandwagon…well for the first time in the United States. Coca-Cola has already launched QR code programs in Germany and Japan… For the program in the United States, Coca-Cola cups, from 7-Eleven, will be featuring a QR code! Yay! I love seeing QR codes on my favorite products.:-) Coca-Cola is collaborating with the World Wildlife fund…which is one of my favorite associations…not to get off topic again, haha. The collaboration is focusing on conserving the polar bears habitat.

Now what happens when you scan this QR code you ask? Well…when you scan the QR code on the cup, an app downloads on your phone called “Snowball Effect By Coca-Cola”. This app connects with FaceBook too. And voila! You have now downloaded a snowball throwing game. Users that score the highest points will win prizes, such as an IPad.

Now another question you may ask is…how is the World Wildlife fund benefiting from this? Well, the app also directs you to a website where you can donate your moolah to the World Wildlife Fund. Another great thing about this cause is…Coca-Cola is going to match every $1 donation! 


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