QR Code IDentification

Everyone knows what a dog tag, identification card, or a medical alert tag is. So you can take a wild guess on what this topic is about. If you guessed using QR codes for identification, you guessed right! Or you are just stating the obvious. ;-)

I actually think this is a wonderful idea! A company called “Private IDs” actually creates personal QR identification stickers, medical alert tags, and inserts for cats, dogs, the handicapped, people with illnesses…anything you can think of, they do it! What a great way to provide a lot of information in such a small square barcode. You can hold a lot of important information in a QR code that you wouldn’t be able to put on a limited space dog tag or even ID card. People with medical conditions or illnesses can have a QR code that provides specific medications that they take if they were to, for example, have a seizure, or get stung by a bee.

Private IDs’ inserts are great too because they are heavy-duty! They’re heat resistant, lead free, and water-resistant. They can even be stylish, even though I don’t know how dog tags are stylish these days, but they are great for kids! They provide colorful options and what not for the younger ones. They like all that colorful stylish bling. ;-)


Waterproof, Medical Alert QR Codes, Dog Tags, Lost Senior – Private IDs – A company that provides QR code identification tags for dogs, cats, kids, people with illnesses, etc. What an awesome idea!

Where’s Fido? High-Tech Tags Help Pet Owners Retrieve Lost Pals – An article explaining how the company “PetHub.com” has created pet ID tags with QR codes. By scanning the QR code it will show if the animal is missing or not.

A QR code on a collar for Fido!

QR code dog tag.

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