My Interests


I have a huge passion for electronic dance music. It first peaked my interest in 9th grade. I remember surfing the internet and seeing pictures of these kids....called "Kandi Kids". And these kids went to these parties called "raves". I did a little research and started listening to the music that was involved in this "scene". I instantly fell in love with it. It was almost like all of what I was reading and seeing was a I never thought it actually existed!

For Halloween, in 9th grade, I dressed up as a "Kandi Kid". Their world really intrigued me. I never got to experience my first rave until I was actually 18 years old. I thought to myself, "Wow, this is actually real!" And ever since then, my whole life has been revolving around the awesome music that the scene brings.

My heart will forever belong to break beats. But, I do also enjoy house, tech-house, some techno, dubstep, and glitch hop. It's so insane how much electronic dance music has evolved over the years. It's great to see how electronic dance music is making a big come back since the 90s.

It’s like ever since Britney Spears added a dub step interlude into one of her songs, it’s huge and mainstream now. Nothing stays underground forever I guess. Do I sound like I’m complaining about it? I guess electronic music going mainstream again could be a good thing and a bad thing. It’s a good thing because people are seeing how great it is. The bad side of it, is that it’s being completely exploited and people who are associated with this kind of music are getting a bad name. By a bad name, I mean you have little kids running around doing inappropriate things…which I will not mention, need a little censorship on this page…giving it a bad reputation. I’ll have to get on this rant another time…


I like to think of myself as an "artsy fartsy" kind of person. In my spare time, I love to draw and doodle. Art was my favorite class in school. I don't spend as much time on creating art though, as I'd like.

I'm a HUGE fan of graffiti. Have you ever visited the "5 Pointz" in New York City? That is one of my dream destinations. I know that sounds so silly, but this place is amazing from what I hear. If you want to see insane, beautiful graffiti, this is the place to go!

One of my favorite graffiti artists is, "Fafi". Beautiful graffiti. I definitely look up to her. Her work is so amazing.




I consider these little duders art...along with my huge Hello Kitty velour piggy bank, and my itty bitty Hello Kitty. I love collecting Dunnies.



Animal Advocay

Hmmm...I think you got my point on how I feel about animals.:-P If it were up to me, I'd adopt all the animals in the word, so they'd all have a home. And I could love them all forever!! Haha, sorry my weird, creepy side is coming out again. Animals are definitely one of my passions. Gosh, I just love them.

Hell Kitty

HELLO KITTY IS MY HOME GIRL. Hello Kitty for president. Please and thank you. I don't know how else to put it. Anyone that knows me, knows I'm a HUGE fan of Hello Kitty. I actually plan on getting her tattooed on me at some point. That is how dedicated I am. ;-) She has definitely gotten some exposure the last couple years. Her and the Sanrio crew. I’m also a Keroppi lover.

Here are some great Hello Kitty links:

Hello Kitty! - A tumblr site of all Hello Kitty.
Hello KItty Hell - This is a funny blog on Hello Kitty.
House of Kitty Blog - All things Hello Kitty.
Home of Hello Kitty - The Official Hello Kitty Website.
15 Craziest Hello Kitty Tattoos - Wackiest Hello Kitty Tattoos




This is only a sneak preview of the Hello Kitty in my apartment.




Well....this is just an interest. I have yet to do much traveling. Especially since funds are low.:-( When I get the time and money, I would love to visit Europe. I heard the electronic music scene out there is insane. I'd also love to visit Hawaii, California, and eventually move to Oregon. Oh yes, and I'd love to visit South Korea and Japan. Hello Kitty is huge out there. I figured I'd visit her homeland. ;-)

Just Some Random Info. (Because I know how interested all you web surfers are, haha)

I decided to do one of these stupid little survey things that bloggers like to post…I was just bored.
Food: Italian/Korean/Indian/SUSHI
State to visit: Oregon
Winter activity: Snowboarding
Fall activity: Corn mazes
Summer activity: Camping
Animal: Cat
Music: Electronic music/Jam Bands
Jeans or Leggings: Leggings...they're way more comfortable
Shoes or Sandals: Flip flops
Bike or Car: Bike...nothing beats a nice day riding your bicycle!
Flower: Lily
Candy: Almond Joys
Drink: Seltzer
Workaholic?: I'd say so. I love to work.
What do you drive?: '96 Maxima
How many pairs of shoes do you have?: Way too many to count!
Friends or Family?: Both. My friends are my family....and my family...well...they're my family!:-)

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