QR Codes In Magazines


I would definitely have to say that I see QR codes a lot in magazines and ads...all which are on printed paper. Seems like such a magnificent idea, doesn't it?! People always have their phones on them...handy of course, god forbid one's cell phone isn't from arms reach, haha. Actually, the other, I was looking at a local savings magazine that the town distributes every month, and noticed that a few restaurants had QR codes in their ads. When I scanned the QR codes from the savings magazines, some of them went to the company websites, some popped up with coupons, and some popped up with special offers! A lot of the QR codes that I found in the magazines I had also scanned to the company's website. Putting QR codes in magazines, ads and posters are a great marketing technique. It's like carrying around a person computer with your 24/7. No need to do any typing...all you need to do is a quick scan and voila!


  1. Newspapers and Magazines Most Likely Source of QR Scanning - Shows and explains how the use of QR codes are greatly used in newspapers and printed magazines.
  2. Hush Magazine QR Code Mix - This page actually made me giggle a bit. Seems kind of silly...but worth the effort. I guess "Hush Magazine" provided a full editorial in their magazine of QR codes and QR coded ads. How silly.
  3. Maria Sharapova QR Code Scan In Glamour Magazine - YouTube - This is a video of someone actually scanning a QR code from the magazine, Glamour.
  4. Print Magazines: Linking To The Digital World - Explains how magazines and advertisers are coming together to give their readers a "digital resource of information". This article also explains a study that is performed and analyzed consisting of QR codes.

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