Whatchu Know About Personal QR Codes?

There are plenty of pros and cons of QR codes and how we use them. Just like anything else, there are some risks of privacy or security. Many think that creating personal QR codes is a great idea, while others think that it is sketchy or "unsafe". Everyone is entitled to their own opinions!

In my opinion, I think that it is a great idea to create personal QR codes. How awesome would it be to just create cards, just like business cards, with a QR code on the back that brought your resume? Instead of walking around with your resume and papers in a folder, which...if your as unorganized and clumsy as I am...you end up losing, crinkling, ripping, or somehow staining important papers...especialy your resume. I think creating a personal QR code that links to your resume not only saves paper, but also saves you the hassle and worry of thinking your going to lose, rip, or wrinkle your resume. Because, ya know...I'm one of those people who, no matter what...I could be in a darn bubble suit, and somehow get grape jelly on my papers. I wouldn't even be eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and I'd still manage to get jelly on my papers!

Security wise...honestly, just like FaceBook...I think that you just have to be cautious and aware of who is scanning your personal QR code.


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An example of a business card that uses a QR code.

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