I know you all are just dying to meet my babies! I talk about them all the time. If you knew me personally or any of my friends they would definitely say that I am way overly obsessed with my cats, haha. They’re names are Pinky and Brain. And yes, they are secretly devising a plan to take over the world…muahahaha.



All About Pinky


Ironically, Pinky is actually the brains of the plan. Since she is a polydactyl kitty, she has extra toes…since she has extra toes, she has the extra smarts. I know that makes complete sense, don’t question me.

Pinky is the baby of the two. She is approximately a year and two months old. I adopted her at the local animal shelter. I’m all about adopting animals. Have you actually read up on pet stores? Do you know how they treat these poor animals? These poor animals are in their kennels…seems like every time I go in there, there is no food in their dish. There is no water in their water dishes. Or there’s animal feces stuck on the metal holed floors that they sleep and play on. Ugh. I can’t even think about. Plus, you’re saving an animal’s life by adopting. There are so many animals in these shelters, why keep breeding and multiplying animals, when there are so many homeless? Ugh, it’s so heartbreaking.:-(

Sorry, I’m off on another tangent again. I always end up doing that! I can never get to my point of finish my story without side tracking…haha. Alrighty, so back to Pinky…as you can see she is stripped and calico. She is always bright-eyed. She reminds of the breed of cat…Bengals. I like to think she is a mixed short hair cat with a Bengal. Bengals are also extremely rambunctious and love to play…bouncing off walls and running around! And Pinky definitely has those personality traits.

Pinky is pretty shy at first when meeting strangers. But once she warms up to you, she’s very loving. She loves to play. Her favorite toys are ones that rattle and ring. She also enjoys anything that has strings or feathers.

Pinky also likes to play “hide and seek”. Funny to think that a cat would like that play that game…but she loves it! I always find her behind doors, in corners, under the sink, or under the bed. She loves to peek her little head through the cracks of doors too. It’s so adorable!

At night, she cuddles with me. She sleeps right in the pit of my armpit. Every night she’ll come into bed with me and just plop herself right in my armpit. She sleeps there all night. When it’s late…past 11:00 PM, she’ll follow me around as if she’s wondering, “When you going to bed?! “. Because, you know, cats can think too! ;-)




Pinky also likes to spend a lot of her time lounging and sleeping, hehe.:-) Totally bumming it!



All About Brain




This is Brain at her happiest! Right after a flea bath! Doesn't she look so perky and happy, haha.:-)

Now, a little bit about Brain! Brain is the momma! Well, she’s not really Pinky’s mom, I just like to say so because she is the more mature one. She’s also about a year older than Pinky. I adopted Brain also at the local animal shelter. Don’t worry, I won’t go on a wild tangent about animals shelters again, haha.

As you can see, Brain is a stripped, black and brown kitty! I think the proper term would be “torte”…pernounced as “tor-tea”. She is one of the sweetest cats I know. She loves everyone. You can pick her up, upside down, and sideways, and she is always purring! I’ve never met any other cat that just loves you so much!

She too, is a little skiddish at first when meeting people. But, just like with Pinky, if you make an effort and Brain warms up to you…she’s your new best friend!:-) She is also such a cuddler. She’s always laying by my feet at night or cuddling up with me on the couch. She loves attention. So any chance she gets she is in your face trying to get some loving!

Brain isn’t too much of a player. She enjoys small toys that have the bells in them, but that’s about it. It’s funny, she’s like a dog. Sometimes she will pick up a toy and carry it around in her mouth and meow like she caught something, then drop it by your feet. Sort of like a game of catch…except…she doesn’t fetch so well, haha. She also enjoys to play with the laser pointer time to time. I just actually got this cat laser pointer. I wasn’t sure how she’d react to it because she isn’t too much of a player. But she actually seems to enjoy it. I don’t think she completely understands what the red dot flying all over the place is. Either way, she loves to chase it!




This is Brain at her finest. Totally relaxing...arms out and all. Totally chill-axing! Coolest cat around…;-)



Pinky and Brain are my two babies. Anyone that knows me knows that I’m a huge cat lover. I think I talk about my cats more than I talk about anything else. Hmmm…call me a weirdo, but my kitties are my world!




They love eachother.:-)

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