What is a QR Code Anyways?

Well, let's start off by explaining what "QR Code" stands for... QR Code stands for "Quick Response". And, to put it simply, it's a two-dimensional unique scannable barcode that holds information and data...very different from the barcodes you see everyday on your favorite box of cereal or pair of jeans! To scan a QR code, you use your smart phone. You must download an app though to scan the QR code. Most smart phones have plenty of free apps that you can download. For example, for the Android smart phones, in the Android Market, there is a free app called the "Barcode Scanner". This app scans regular barcodes AND QR codes.

Now, once you have downloaded your QR code reader, or barcode scanner, you run the app and place your phone over the QR code and it will automatically focus and capture the QR code and read it. It's like taking a picture. It's a piece of cake! Alright...now, once you have scanned a QR code it will provide you with an email, a URL or destination, contact information, connecting to a wireless network, open a text message, provide you with information about a business, or place. The possibilities are endless!

Alrighty! How about a little bit of history? Well, there isn't too much history of the QR code...seeing as how it has only been around since 1994! QR codes were originally created for the automotive industry. You can all thank Toyota for that.:-) "Thanks Toyota!" The QR code was created for Toyota so that they could capture and keep track of all the cars during their manufacturing process.

Japan is a repeated user of QR codes. Who would have thought? ;-) They are always a few extra steps ahead! Some uses of QR code in Japan are: marketing, logistics, commercial tracking, and inventor control. I'm sure there are many, many other uses, but those are just a few. Another country that seems to be a huge fan of QR codes, is the United Kingdom. From sources, they are the 7th largest national consumer of the oh so interesting little barcodes. Now that many people are investing in smart phones, QR codes seem to definitely be blowing up...they are making their way into the United States and Canada. Crazy right?

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