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So the other day, I told my boyfriend that I was craving some Mexican food. There is a great local Mexican restaurant down the street from my apartment, and I actually used to work there. The food is absolutely fabulous. Probably the best Mexican food there is around! Funny thing is though, the restaurant owners are actually Ecuadorian. I don't know how that makes sense. But anyways...sorry, going off on my little tangents again!

ANYWAYS, back to QR codes...I started noticing them everywhere I went. And one of the places where I started to notice QR codes were at restaurants! I noticed a QR code on the back of a Heinz ketchup bottle. So what do you think I did? I whipped out my barcode scanner and scanned that QR code! I'm always curious to as where a QR code will take's so mysterious and fun.

So after scanning the QR code, it brought up a URL. When I clicked the URL it directed me to a promotional page for Heinz. It came to a page where you could play trivia and enter a sweepstakes. Now that's pretty exciting. I'm not really that interested in the Heinz sweepstakes or trivia, but the fact that by just scanning the barcode, a URL popped up, and all I had to touch my screen to bring me to the page, is just amazing. I hate typing on my touch screen phone. Saves so much time and it's super convenient!




Here is the photo I took of the QR code on the back of the Heinz tomato ketchup bottle.

I've also been hearing a lot about the chain restaurant Chili's having QR codes in their menu. Now...since I'm such a space cadet sometimes, I forgot to really examine the menu at Chili's and look for QR codes so I could show you guys, my wonderful visitors, some more examples of QR codes in the restaurant industry. And since I am super duper lazy at times, I figured I'd just take a snap shot of a QR code in a Chili's restaurant menu, from the amazing world wide web!


Now if you whip out your trusty barcode can scan this wonderufl QR code from Chilis! What does it tell you? Where does it bring you? Are there magical gnomes running around on your phone now? Because they are on mine! Haha, just kidding. Well, if you don't have a smart phone, or you DO have a smart phone and you DON'T have a barcode or QR should probably download one. ;-) Anyways, I will tell you what it does and where it brings you.

After scanning this Chili's QR code, a short URL pops up. I clicked the URL and it brought me to the Chili's email club...There's a short form where I can enter my personal information to receive special offers, coupons, and what not. How cute and convenient right?! Gosh, I love QR codes. They make my world go round....well my cats make my world go round, but QR codes are second in line, hehe.


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