What Are The Risks Of QR Codes?

Nothing good lasts forever? Is it too good to be true? Well...nothing good stays untouched forever by the evils of the world. Yup, I said it again. I just really like that line, haha. Alrighty, back to what I was saying, yet again, another darn tangent of mine. Okie dokie...to put it out there, there ARE risks of using QR codes. When scanning a QR code, you sometimes don't know where the QR code may take you. It may take your phone to "never never land". And when I talk about "never never land", it's not the good place, like in Peter Pan. When scanning a barcode, it may bring you to a website with "browser exploits"...which could enable your GPS/camera/whatever, and send that data to a server where they can steal your information from your phone...like your contacts, passwords, and files. Oh man! How malicious and scary. WHO would want to do such a thing? Well...not everyone in this world are peachy, honest citizens...we have enemies out there.


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