What Is A QR Code Scanner?

Well my friends...since you asked...even though I briefly explained it in another page on my website...*ahem*...A QR code scanner is an app that you use to scan QR codes. I'm stating the obvious...*ahem* DUH *ahem*.. To read and scan QR codes you need a QR code scanner. What you physically need is a phone that has a camera, a QR code scanner, which is just an app, and a web browser! Voila! Very simple. If you check on your Android or iPhone's app market, there are usually plenty of free QR code readers that you can download. On my phone, I just have the app called, "Barcode Scanner". This app will scan regular, normal barcodes that you would on pretty much any item. It also scans QR codes. This app is awesome...it's two in one...ya can't beat it!


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